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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Used cars

Your post are very useful for new car buyers. Thanks for the share. Keep posting. I am waiting for it.

ghd mk4

I wonder if buyers are preferring horsepower/looks than longevity

imobiliarias alegrete

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Concept Cars

A blog describing Indian Auto Industry is really impressive...Its really an appreciable information you had shared over here and even well maintained.

truck campers

Very informative post, Impressive too.

International trucks

I can not understand.

Renie Ravin

Hi, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs, thanks!



Great blog, why arent you updating it anymore?

Pratish Motwane

Hi. I stumbled across this calssifieds site called Khichdee.com the other day. It is an aggregator of classifieds but has a great section on used car buying and selling. Strongly recommend it for both buyers and sellers.

Raj Gupta

Another good site for car buyers


great customer service (my experience)


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true, all of a sudden its all dead, how come no more posts in like 5 months or somthing..... i have been visiting "http://www.bharatdrivers.com" and "http://www.carandbikeforum.com" afor a while now, we really do need some auto info source..


Swift Problems Galore:

Hey - whats up with this blog. Dead ?


u might want to get a co-author or a set of those. Will get more frequently automatically, and flavoured too.


Interesting!! American cars are decreasing in the US and increasing in India. I never had a car in India but I wonder if buyers are preferring horsepower/looks than longevity?


Hey there, Matt. How goes? :)

Man, I'd love to post as frequently as I did earlier. Try as I might, I just can't seem to conjure up that extra time to do some posting. I actually suffer mild guilt pangs for not giving this blog enough time of the day. :)



Long time no update? You were doing a great job for a while there and once you moved to Mumbai... Commuting takes up all your time? :-) I can understand that, I am in Mumbai too..


Hi Mr. Sharma,

Thank you, both for the comment and the valuable input. Carwale does seem to be a great resource for car buyers in India. Will be sure to link to it soon. :)


Hello Mr. Navneet,

I found this blog of yours in google search. You are well maintaining this blog with almost-daily updates about indian auto industry. Being a car-enthu, I really appreciate it.

I saw the 'Gadi Gyan' section of your blog but surprised at the fact that you don't have carwale.com in this listing. The site seems cool. Have a look at the site, you will realize it, URL: http://www.carwale.com/

Banwari Lal Sharma

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