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Wednesday, November 16, 2005



Ford Motors always something good under the hood of the cars. The 2009 Ford Fiesta is more powerful than its predecessors. It can match the best luxury cars with some great technology.


Indian Car Advisor (Carazoo.com)


The new Ford Fiesta is a very good car. Its majestic looks put the other sedans surrounding, immediately to the second grade category. Ford is really offering some very good cars.

Indian Car Advisor (Carazoo.com)


The Ford Fiesta is a ravishing car with striking good looks.

The styling is European and than fares well for India.

A new Ford Ikon is likely to replace the current one in 2009-10. Anyway Ford is years ahead of other cars like Accent and Baleno. I think Honda City will compete with Ford Ikon rather than higher cars. Ford is actually creating a image for itself with the Fiesta.

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You are right Arun.

I too am waiting for these two cars to hit the road (fiesta and the new city) before I take the decision.

Baleno, I have always believed is a very good car - you get automatic climate control for the same price. but i dont know why maruti has not been able to sell this model.

should we expect some disocunts in late Dec.


I think Esteem is in a lower league than Fiesta and so is Ikon. Fusion is a different vehicle altogether and anywhere Ford is not selling much. But yer, Fiesta and Fusion have similar pricing.

And Baleno and Accent are cars that don't seem to have much of a future unless they make major upgrades/changes.

So Ford actually is making a good room for itself in a market with few real competition. The biggest rival would be the Citi.

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