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Thursday, October 27, 2005



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Dana Myers

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Thanks for the comments, guys. :)

While I continue to be still of the opinion that the WagonR doesn't have very much going for it in terms of aesthetic appeal, I'm willing to vouch for its superb driveability, especially as a city car. Everyone I know who's owned / driven the car has had nothing but appreciation to show for it.

Sort of makes you feel sad for the car, doesn't it? A little easier on the eye and it could've been the perfect car.

Abhishek chatterjee

Wagon R rocks as far as mileage and performance is concerned. Looks are very compact and believe me , on clogged roads , YOU WOULD ENVY if somebody manouvered / drove a wagonr past you while you keep waiting in the rest of the so called competitors cars.


Well it might not be one of the most good looking cars but definetly beautiful when it comes to performance. It gives amazing milage with a very much acceptable power and pickup. And looks does not matter always...its the performance that matters the most.

radhakrishnan c nair

Hmmm... Wagon R is one of the worst looking cars grazing the Indian roads...

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