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Wednesday, August 31, 2005



Coming From a Family where people worked with the TATA's and having imbibed a lot of positive attitudes in life it comes as a great shock to see that the dealers appointed by the company and the products as well as after sales service offered are not in line with what you preach, i highly regret my decision to buy a tata car, the after sales service rendered by the svc centre is so pathetic that every time you go there there is fear that what are they going to fleece you for this time, also their attitude towards customers is so poor that it makes you feel so unwanted. when a person invests alot of his effort and money into a tata car and they way he is treated does not definitely do any good, Tata may sell products and people may buy because of cost but trust me given a choice and a chance with another product no one will again root for a tata product. I personally feel that i have been cheated and will never ever in my life use or recommend a tata product to anyone, i will discard all tata products that i presently use as well. hey tata where are all your values . this is my opinion and i am sure no one would bother to even reply to this complaint nor bother to check why

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