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Thursday, May 19, 2005



hi all,
i was fortunate enough to drive the swift & have a feel of it this morning, to say the least this car is going to revolutionize the automobile industry in india, with this world class car, each manufacturing giant would think twice before launching an outdated car in india. Kudos to suzuki for giving india something close to the best.Suspension is excellent and features phenomenal, there is climatic control in the zxi model, have u heard of it in a small car before in india...???? pricing is supposed to be around 5.70 on road for the topend model, and most importantly no discounts, i believe the first year "ITS AN ALL SUZUKI CAR" just assembled in india(pls check for this i am not sure), just like the zen when it first came in late 93 early 94, so quality should be at its best.... in one line..... this is one car where both "beauty & intelligence" meet. Wonder why maruti's still not promoted it with much fanfare???, well the only reason i could think is...maruti thinks "a satisfied customer is their best advertisement".

Wishing the swift a "SWIFT RIDE" on Indian roads

(p.s: I am no maruti loyalist..own a xing nevertheless)


Hi there,
I had registered at the Swift website about updates. Got a call today that it is being launched coming Thursday.

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