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Monday, April 04, 2005



apparently it's a true pic.. this was an FOS working in our company in Bangalore.. i didn't know too.. sent it to my friends in b'lore who told me they'd seen it earlier cos it was one of our guys... makes it a even more horrifying thing... it was ok as long as i thot that maybe it was a hoax... in shock now!


Hmmm John, you're not the first person to give me that as the reason for the picture being a fake, but somehow I'm not too sure.


I fully agree and appreciate your concern and advice to avoid mobile phone usage while driving.
But looking at the photo definitely this cant be real. Just use your common since. If such a horrible accident would have happened, there will be at least 100 people gathered around. Our citizens still have heart are not that bad to just pass on without even looking.


Jesus, man! I am usually OK with such stuff, but I stared a little more than needed.

You have to see the Bombayites sense of safety - but he is an expert an endangering himself. The stuff they do on two wheelers is heart-stopping. And I mean the old men and the middle-aged - they don't even have the reflexes.

And you have the Delhiite who usuallu endangers others.

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