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Friday, March 11, 2005



really smart move by Hyundai.
But doesn't Alto start at 2.6lakhs? and on plus side Alto gives better fuel economy.
seriously guys people going for low cost cars are not looking for power they just want a vechical to commute & better fuel economy.

So though it is a good move by Hyundai I don't think they will be able make a dent in Maruti's market


Hey I am looking for a Upper C-Segment Car with good space and Higher Seating Position.

I have shortlisted Ford Fusion(high end) , Corolla(base model) and Honda City(high end).

Please tell me which one of those is the best

I saw the ad that Fusion is wider dimensionally than City and Corolla apart from being taller

But People tell me to stretch to Corolla since it is a D-Segment Car and are totally against the Fusion which is just an ordinary hatchback pitted against High End Luxury Sedans like the COROLLA.


Yeah - with road taxes here being 10ish % of the vehicle cost - makes sense to keep as many add ons out of the price as possible!

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