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Tuesday, February 15, 2005



Hey Shankar,

I'm back as of today. Stuff at work really had me by the proverbial family jewels, if you get what I mean! =)

I have a Getz, not the Ikon, and am looking forward to putting some pics up really soon. Stay tuned.


Anand, Sameer - thanks a bunch for your comments. Sameer - 'India's auto blog'? That is a hee-uu-ge compliment - one which I hope to live up to someday! Thanks again!

And guys, I'm really sorry to dampen your spirits, but I'm not really that much of an F1 enthusiast. :')


You have a very interesting and informative blog. Keep up the good work! I visit your blog often, but first time leaving a comment :-)

Yeah, like Sameer says, we want ample coverage about the F1 series, please. Desis at my office are already talking about getting tickets to the Indianapolis Grand Prix. Wont miss it this year! There will be a major shift in the support from desis - from the ferraris to the Jordans :-)

And also if you are interested in taking a look at the Auto Show pictures here in Chicago, I have a lot of pictures posted on my blog. Come and have a look.




no updates for more than a week, how is your ikon?, didnt see you posting any pics


Completely Off Topic -
Dude - no coverage of the only F1 hope we've ever had!!??
This is India's auto blog - you *have* to :)
- sameer

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