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Monday, January 24, 2005



Lot of useful information are there. Its really keeps me updated. Thanks to Author.

Rohit Jain

Hyundai service people no longer look after customers complaints.Getz has a long list of problems which were never in accent and Santro.So better borrow a car from a freind for 1 week and drive before buying


I am about to purchase a car for myself. I am confused between getz and swift. It is regarding the whole package as a whole


Well, it's actually an Indian award, Jon. Autocar is one of India's more prominent motoring monthlies and does an annual edition of these awards in collaboration with the Indian business-television channel arm of CNBC.

Quite frankly, being overpriced is one of the perceptions that the Getz is having to fight even here, I guess more so because you're unlikely to find a more value-conscious consumer than the Indian one. And since the average Indian ends up owning only one (at the maximum, two) cars during his entire lifetime, he's going to make damned sure that he makes every penny count. One of the key things working against the Getz here is that it's priced exactly the same as Ford's 3-box sedan, the Ikon. (What you might know as the Fiesta, but with a boot.) Indian consumers perceive a sedan as a 'status symbol' as compared to a hatchback and therefore, in most cases, will not agree with a hatch being priced so high, all the good stuff about the Getz notwithstanding.

I own one though, and I'm not complaining. Not one bit. :-)

Jon Wright

Is that a US award? The Hyundai Getz took a clean sweep in the 2004 in the UK but suddenly seems to have been forgotten now. Sales are really down in the UK because of the Kia Picanto which is basically a Hyundai with a smaller price tag. Hyundai need to get a grip of the younger market and get a cheap sports model out there with free insurance or something.

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