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Monday, January 31, 2005


KR Pankajan

Posted by Pankajan, Mumbai.
I purchased a Fiat Petra on 23 June 2007 from Shaman Motors. I have so far done only 17000 kms. Car serviced by authorised dealers only . The car has given me so many problems and remained in Service centre or in my parking for over 4 months. Car presently is unusable due to uneven wear and damage to 3 rear Tyres.
Requst Fiat to ispect and do the needful.Thanks.
Rear wheel tyres. Many parts were old. The tyres were 2004 and 2005 make. Alternator failed twice.The lower arm bushes failed at about 15000 km. Aircondition duct failed. Cooling sustem failed with duct rupture, 3 tyres failed including uneven wear, decapping, etc. Now understand that the REAR CROSS MEMBER ASSEMBLY on which the wheels are mounted has slight bend causing uneven tyre wear.Car has corrosion, dulled paint, trim panel adrift, etc.

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any changes coming ?


I purchased a FIAT Palio Adventure Sports 1.6 on Feb,02 this year. Rain water coming inside/front grill color turned greyish/alternator gone but replaced under warranty/logo got rusted/and many more. I don't know what TATA doing?


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Abhishekh Jain

I just purchased a Palio 1.2 ELX (Petrol)and let me tell you, as you have experienced, this vehicle rips apart any other car of its segment like hell!! The kind of comfort soomthness and power it gives is just uncomparable. Now with the launch of the new PALIO I have high hopes for FIAT as a company!!Come lets together wish a all the best to this wonderful company...!!


I own a fiat palio 1.6 GTX. This car is a beast of a performer. When in doubt - buy a Palio, unless you want to ride the silly tin boxes(swift, santro, getz)for so-called practical (read fuel effciency) reasons, but higher cost of ownership. Palio 1.6 is in a different orbit. Its handling, speed, safety features, design, performance- everything is great. I have already done 33k in one year, and its going great guns. And by the way for the fuel efficiency jokers- this gives 14.5 km per litre on the highway!!

Krishna Kumar Masam

After a long pre-buying anlysis of almost all cars (santro, swift, palio, getz, indica, etc.), I can proudly say that I have decided for Fiat Palio 1.2 NV ELX. The kind of features and quality that fiat is offering in Palio 1.2 NV ELX is marvellous. The comfort, pick-up and smoothness that I experienced at test drive is amazing. Both interior and exterior is keenly designed. Even though people around, have always discouraged my decision buying Palio, I have gone for it, only after experiencing the real difference of Palio and other cars. I really wonder, how a company having such a good car, is failing in marketing, branding and servicing aspects !! Truely, if FIAT is really interested in growing in potential Indian market, they just need to seriously concentrate on these areas, and I can say with 100% confidence that it will become the No.1 car in Indian market. Looking forward for more happier news on FIAT in near future.

Anyways, my dream car palio, with all branded accessories(Leather seat covering, Alloy wheels, Kenwood Stereo,etc.) fitted will be ready to be delivered this Sep 25th. Then surely I will share my experiences again :-)

Vaishal  Gariwala

Guys...!!! I'm buying a Palio 1.2 ELPS these week. When I went to TATA showroom I took a test drive for Indica Xeta which is 1.4 and after that I took that test drive for Palio 1.2 and nothing compares to Palio 1.2. I evaluated almost all the small cars including Swift & Hyundai Getz but nothing comes closer to Palio... FIAT rules...


I purchased Palio 1.2ELX on 21 Dec2001 and since then enjoying the drive. It never let me down at any occasion,short or long tour.Even after crossing four years I do not feel to replace it.
Only grudge is for availability of service outlets.If that is taken care of, the vehicl will rule the road.

Siddhartha Purandare

The Palio is a sheer pleasure to drive and own, inspite of all the negatives from my relatives I still went in for it, but am not repenting at all, all FIAT India needs to do and that too desparately is to brand their car right, people's psyche needs to be broken, the average needs to be hilighted and the positives of the car also needs to marked in BOLD, how true is Fiat's Slogan, "Secure in a Sienna/Palio"

Anjuraj Singh

despite being told by friends & colleauges not to go in for a Palio I have still booked one. trouble is it was so much fun driving it that I could not help but decide in favour of a 1.2 L ELX petrol. I also happened to test drive the Swift but it is certainely no match for the Italian hatchback. I'am sure that with a little bit of branding Fiat could still make a strong comeback in India.

kunal kanera

After much debating, i fianlly picked up Fiat Palio 1.2NV ELPS. The car is absolutely splendid value for money. It gives the feel of a big car, is the most spacious in it's class. Very smooth ride, handling and gearshift. can comfortably seat total of 5 adults. Golden Question on mileage : first run in the highway gave me 18 kmpl and city running has been giving about 12.5-13.5 kmpl. My recommedation : the best hatchback


After seeing the response from so many unhappy customers I feel I have done a mistake by buying a Fiat Palio. Are these Fiat guys really serious about India market or just to prove there existance all over the globe they have started this India ops. Is it also going the Deawoo way?


Hey Guys .............there is no denying the fact that the Palio Both the petrol & Diesel version are superb small cars.Palio basically lost out by over pricing the car and now with bad service and support.The website being inoperative is just an illustration of how seriously fiat takes care of its image in India.


The simple fact is that unless fiat understands that the Indian market consists of people who prefer to drive unstable little tin cans loaded with everything that will work till the battery runs out (like toys) AND costs about one rupee, it can't compete. Better to just export to more sophisticated small car markets, as I suspect VW will when they come in.


That is good to hear, Rajiv. Maybe it is these small initiatives taken by the likes of Mr. U that are doing the most to retain some inkling of customer faith in Fiat India. If I were you, I'd definitely take him up on his offer. The chance to give him some honest 'off-the-street' feedback apart, I think it'd be a real treat to witness what goes on behind the scenes into the putting that little beaut of a Palio out on the roads. Keep us posted! :-)


btw navneet, just spoke to fiat guys again - mr. uplanchi. he has said that fiat is doing fine - and has spoken with a lot of confidence. in fact has invited me over for lunch tomorrow at fiat factory at kurla.

i intend to take him up on that. also, the website is down temporarily - a new website will be in place soon acc to him.

lets hope all's well. will keep the posts coming


You couldn't have put it any better, Rajiv. As I heard somebody say once, the Palio is a case of a brilliant child who has haplessly been given to the care of very incompetent parents.


btw, the day the site went down, the message on the title page read something like this - "this site is temporarily disconnected due to non payment of bills for the past 1 year" - seriously - call me a fool!

just surprised that nobody from the auto industry has reacted - how can a car co. not have a website? - it's criminal negligence. fiat india is only surviving because they have such a great car on their hands and the little thing sells itself. but for how long? - the sales of the palio in dec2004 was around 150 units. the santro sold 10,000 units in that month!


sad, it is the fiat india site - was also visiting it regularly, when evaluating the palio D. they really are in the dumps. as a biz man, i know the importance of a website...the fiat guys in india just don't get it. the irony? i booked the fiat palio D anyway, the monday after the site went down. call me a fool, but it's just such a great little car!

spoke to one of the guys at fiat - mr. uplanchi - at least they are still coming to work!!!


To confirm whether it's fiat site or not.. I went there (Indian site) via fiat.com but Alas !!!

I guess that's the work of some anti-fiat guy..who did the hacking of the site and put the message (Btw: the site is not opening now and hence no question of msg appearing)

And if it is not the hackers !!! Then it could be GM making changes for buying out Fiat...

But whatever it is ... It does hit the confidence of fiat buyers...


Pretty much, Matt. Was on the site fairly frequently when I was evaluating buying the Palio.


Good find, are you sire that it's really the Fiat India site?

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