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Monday, December 06, 2004



May be someone is madly in love with the Getz, but just can't acquire one. But it hearts a lot man. People with these 'Nazi' attitude are all around us.
I am sorry about your loss, and hope that with the two hundred bucks you had to spend the car is looking the same beauty again.
Few months before in the evening, I came back from the office to find my WagonR with the badly broken rear Mirror. I had the chat with security guys, they were igonarant but said must be the result of cricket playing kids. I complaint to the secretary of the housing society, he scolded the security persons and blah blah. But after a few days with little sweet talking to small kids, I found out that it was the work of the Secreatary's son who is not too young not to accept his fault (17 years old). And he had the guts to further break the glass to make it wide enough to take out the cricket ball.
When I told this to the secretary, he was red faced but was too street smart to accept his son's fault.


Gawd, that's horrible. These kinds of morons are everywhere. When I said more posts about your Getz I didn't meant this. Feel sorry for ya.

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