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Wednesday, December 08, 2004




i just sold my santro xing and am looking at either getz or swift or palio. i am more interested in comfort of back seat since i will be using a driver.



HI Am buying a GETZ tommorow. I drove both Sail and Swift and i had a solid intention of a SWIFT. but when i chanced upon a GETZ..well lemme tell u its smoooottthhh...what awesome power ...its soo nice...Swift is like riding a elephant...every1s looking but u r chasing always.....


Hey Adel,

I bought the Getz, so do you seriously think I'm gonna give it a bad review and end up looking like the world's biggest sucka?

Just kidding... ;-)

But seriously, dude...I really have not much to complain about the car. The little that I do have to crib about is that the car may be just a wee bit underpowered, especially in the lower gears (but once she hits the high notes, she is smooth and sure). Now the 'enthusiasts' among us would have us believe that that is reason enough to steer clear. But what it lacks in unadulterated zippiness, it more than makes up with its awesome driveability (especially in city traffic) and practicality (interior space, finish and utility kick the ass of the Accent, even). It has the safe, solid, road hugging feel of the Palio, looks just about as good, has very good air-conditioning and the FE is not bad at all. Have been able to average between 11.5 to 12 in the city. I haven't really been able to take her out for a belting on the highway. Hope to do that sometime soon.

I don't know if that's really as 'technical' an answer as you would have liked (I'm more a 'feel' kinda guy), but if you're really into your torque and turning radius, then head on over to Team-Bhp and pop your questions to the petrolheads there. You're not likely to leave disappointed.

Are you considering waiting for the Swift? If anything, that's the car that could give the Getz a thing or two to think about.

Let me know what you decide. Hope I was of a little help, atleast.



Whats your honest opinion on the Getz - technically? I'm seriously considering it. I own a Palio and want to get something new.


I almost ended buying a Getz but decided against it due to the price. With the recently price reduction in the Santro, the price gap has increased even more. This makes is difficult to justify paying such a high premium.

Some news: Hyundai has announced a price increase for the santro from Jan 2005 but no price increase for the Getz.

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