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Tuesday, November 16, 2004



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Hi Guys i own a getz GLS Passion Red ....Well this car rocks...the engine is as smooth as though hyundai actually applies butter to it ....even while on signals i actually dont realize whether the engine is running or no!!...have'nt still checked out the fuel economy cuz have still driven it only for Round about 200 KM's ..it cruises along the way....interiors are amazing ..pick up is decent .....gear shift amazing and smooth .....i love the look of it ...its a shear pleasure to drive with more than comfortable legroom both in the front and behind....and when compared to Swift...I suggest infact rather WARN dont please be fooled by the outlook of Swift...cuz the Getz rocks ....


Read your opinion about Getz.I am in the process of finalising my new car.I had cut down my choices to Ford Ikon Flair, Accent GLE and Getz (Ididn't like Swift for some reason difficult to explain). I have been hearing rumours that Ikon and Accent are likely to have a change immediately.If it is right, I have only one choice i.e.. to go for Getz. I drive around 1000kms a month and 80% of it in town. Does my choice makes sense?? I will be keeping this car for 6 to 8 years. Will it keep performing well???


Hey just read mostly my exact expeirience in your review! I have now owned my first new car, a Getz FX 1.5 Petrol, 5 speed. Unfortunately the car that I have been given does not seem to be as smooth, quiet as the two I took for a test drive. Still I think they are a very impressive car and at least amatch for the competition and everybody who has owned one seems to have been given a good run with them saying the dealers were terrific, costs on the cheaper side and fuel economy excellent. So I'm looking forward to the odds being a rewarding expeirience, then maybe I'l trade it on a Tribion!!


Hi Sharath,

The Getz is believed to return about 11.5 kilometres to the litre. I say 'believed' because that's the figure I got from the dealer and a couple of owners. Checking out with a few more people who have bought the Getz might make that a more realistic figure.

Road grip is suprisingly good. It was my concern too initially till I learned that the Getz outweighs the Palio by about 80 kgs in terms of kerb weight. Inspite of that you don't feel any heaviness or reluctance to move - thanks to a peppier 1.3L engine - but neither does it give you a feeling of unsureness.


Fuel efficiency...whats it like? And how is the road grip after 80Kph ?

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