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Thursday, October 28, 2004



Hi Aaro,

Thanks for dropping by. If I remember right, the guys at the Palio India User Group brought this issue up for discussion a few weeks ago. You might wanna join them and search the archives or post them your query again. Plus, if you are looking at going in for a Palio / Petra, they are the best Indian forum to get advice and suggestions from. There are loads of diesel-drivin' dudes there who were a great help when I myself was considering a Palio D.

Hope this was of help. :)


Would like inputs from all frugal diesel-loving folks on what is a guy to do till April 2005? From that date I'm told Euro 3 norms apply and that makes the current crop of diesels non-compliant (except Accent CRDI). And here I was seriously debating whether to buy an Indigo or Petra diesel (I drive 65 km a day so petrol ain't an option dudes). I tried emailing both companies to see if they have a upgrade plan for folks who buy between now and Apri 05, but (of course) they haven't replied. Your take?

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