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Tuesday, October 19, 2004



my Aveo is also having same problem water is coming inside.I showed it and they said its solved still water is coming.Its in warranty so i have many question in mind.

Thank You,

Supratim Bhattacharya

I bought the UVA on 31st March 2009 from Shiva Motors Noida and not satisfied with performance of car.The AC doesn't gives cooling as required. Due to rain the water is going inside and the whole foot and carpet is wet and stinking. I sent the car for repair to Shiva Motors workshop in Noida on 16th July to check why the water is going inside. The car was kept with them for 3 days and was confirmed that it has been sorted out. But still the issue is persisting and now I am concern that whole floor of the car is damaged due to water and will get rusted. The carpet is also got damaged.


i dont know what to say. im just regretting the day i bought a cheverolet spark. the car is good but the way company treats its customer is so stupid. they dont even know how to deal. my bike repair chap treats me much better. their servicing is big farce. my car is down for 21 days now nobody even bothers to call me about its state. they have spare parts crunch. inventory control word is not known to company. they just fool people when they say that their servicing is great and cheap.

Anuradha Kumar

I had purchased a Black Tavera - DL 3CQ 1725 , SSD1 model. The car was purchased in November 2006 from Triumph Motors , New Delhi . The car has done 16000 KM till date. Everytime the car went for a pollution check - the check failed . The car consistently emits black smoke. After British Motors workshop closed the car was sent 3 times to Regent Automobiles in Okhla who could not solve the problem.Finally on Sunday the car was sent to Triumph Motor workshop at Punjabi Bagh where even after w whole days work the car returned emitting more smoke and a noise from the engine.

My car is under warranty right now.I have spent over 10 lacs to purchase the carand over thousands of rupees on diesal not to speak of the manhours wasted everytime it went to the service station .


If this is the condition within a year I fail to think of what is to come .

The Regent Dealers are more worried about the payment rather than solving the problem and apparently no one seems to understand the problem.

Request you to please arrange to change the car at the earliest or my money returned so that I can buy a Toyota Innova which I certainly think is better.

Thank You

Anuradha Kumar

C-6 / 6572 Vasant Kunj

New Delhi

Phone - 9871386820

Nishant Kumar

I used to be a proud owner of a Tavera till day before yesterday.

I am extremely sad with the standards of servicing that the dealer Garuda Motors carries over in Bangalore.

I had my second service done yesterday at Garuda Motors,Ulsoor , Bangalore service centre and got back an absolutely messed up car.

There are three new problems that has occurred which was not there till day before yesterday.

- The doors do not get locked atomically despite the engine on.
- The automatic locking system has failed completely even if I wish to close the doors from outside.
- The engine noise has increased.
- The shifting of gears has become extremely tight now.

All these things do not create a good impression at all and I feel totally let down.

I did call up Garuda service centre and was asked to get the car back for checking. I have not done it as I do not trust the efficiency of the engineers here.

All I expect is a knowledgeable engineer preferably from your Halol plant to come over and inspect my vehicle. I have no problems in bearing all expenses for the person to travel, I need my car to be rectified as it was before.

I have no other option but to sell off this car at whatever price I get and with a promise never to buy a GM vehicle again.

I hope the management of GM understands that an unsatisfied customer is the last thing they would like to have on there platter.

Thank You,

Nishant Kumar

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