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Wednesday, September 29, 2004



Hey Karthik,

Thanks for stopping by :-). For the time being, it would do you good to check this link if you're interested in the kind of mods that Indian petrolheads consider for their cars. This is from an extremely active discussion forum called Team-BHP.com and like I've told everyone who cares to listen, these guys know their cars.

Not that I'm much of an authority on the subject, but gimme a coupla days and I'll get back to you with the names of some mechanics in Chennai who do mods and add-ons.

S. Karthik

Hey Mystery Man,
Just checked your blog and, without any flattery in mind, let me congratulate you on a really focussed blog.
Actually you can help me a little bit with an article I am planning for my newspaper. Do you have any idea on what kind of modifications people do to their vehicles - two-wheelers and four-wheelers - to increase the vehicle's BHP and torque. Can you help with some mechanics (names and phone numbers) who do that kind of work.

And hey, this is just a request. Great blogging :)

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