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Monday, September 13, 2004



I think Getz shud start at 4-4.1 lacs and then it will i sure sell like hot cakes -

With interior space better than accent,ikon it could be worthwiile adding a boot to it to give that sedan shape could end up being some what like new Honda city-monobox shape-with huge interiors and short extriors .That will make it totally opposite to Accent's shape-Huge exteriors and cramped interiors

Its hyundai 's doubt?


The lower end version of the Getz is too high prices, that too with most of the premium features of the top end Santro missing. The higher version is practically fully loaded with a price difference of only Rs.25,000/-. This makes the lower version of the Getz poor value for money.

Getz, for the premium price lable, has omitted so many premium features available in other cars prices lower or even the European version of the Getz such as Anti lock braking, back seat head rests, rear wipers, defoggers, fog lamps and besides the interiors are rather drab with too much plastic for Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

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