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Wednesday, August 04, 2004



Hey Shrikant,

Work's been really hectic which is why updates on the car have been sporadic at best. Definitely plan on changing that. :-)

I'm using HP Power right now. Any suggestions on whether that's OK for the Getz or should I change? Plus, I'd love a layman's version of compression ratios and if and how it affects driving / performance. Thanks in advance.

And as far as black goes, I like to think that I live life on the wild side! ;-)


And your's is Panther black :-))
Make sure that you keep Rear lights ALWAYS ON in the darkness..
You haven't written after about your vehicle .. What fuel are you using (Getz has compression ratio of 10:1 which means you should be feeding higher octane fuel to get the best out of Getz)

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